This company has it exactly right... Bravo to everyone involved.
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About Us
RAaW London is an award winning film and theatre company specialising in a range of genre's including thrillers, urban, realistic and issue led film and theatre. RAaW also have a very established film and theatre training arm for children and young people.

Led by Robbi Stevens with over 15 years experience in the film and theatre industry, RAaW have a team of highly motivated and experienced professionals with expertise in project development, production, writing, directing, performing arts training and more.

Robbi is passionate about achieving artistic excellence in film, theatre and training and to that end has produced, co-wrote and directed an abundance of work for RAaW. In the last 5 years Robbi has moved more into issue led film and theatre which is a reflection of her humanitarian work specifically in human trafficking and the Palestinian struggle for human rights. Her aim in the near future is to reach wider audiences in both film and theatre and to be funded in order to reach those goals. Robbi is also an agent for RAaW Management.

Key to RAaW's success and a partner in the business is Erim Metto who is not only a film maker but has dedicated much of his life to the development of ideas and initiatives from the UK to India. Within his development role he has formulated over 300 project concepts which support the most deprived within our community. He has vast experience in gearing money to develop new projects in particular with a creative slant.

Since it's inception in 2003 RAaW have produced over 50 short films, 6 features, 3 full length musicals, 4 straight plays and many show reels, music videos and documentaries.

Championing new talent has been key to RAaW's mission statement and it continues to pride itself on producing current and vibrant film and theatre and comprehensive yet affordable training bringing out individual creativity.
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