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Bear Markets Fatal attraction is a powerful interceptor.
Synopsis All traders learn to ride the highs of a bull market and the lows of a bear slump. For Mark this seems to occur more and more in his love life as well as his work. Love is nothing like an emerging market or a corporate merger but Trisha will learn the hard way that for mark she is nothing but a valuable stock he's about to cash in.

Production Information Running Time: 3 Mins 21 Secs
Production: 2015
Format: HD
Audio: Dolby 5.1
Language: English
Territories: All
Actors Flannan Hassett
Sophie Knight
Crew Robbi Stevens
David Crane
Andy Allen
Peter Somogyi
Edina Vitanyi
Egle Vaitmonaite
Glynis Davis
Chilla Palinkas
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