This company has it exactly right... Bravo to everyone involved.
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About Us
Founded by Robbi Stevens, RAaW is an award winning film, theatre and training company, with a team of highly motivated and experienced professionals with expertise in project development, production, writing, directing, performing arts training, theatre, film and more. 

RAaW’s established and successful training arm, holds courses ranging from 8 weeks to 2 years, specialising in screen, stage and the unconventional and radical ‘Stevens Technique’ bringing out the individual, raw animal in actors. Championing new talent has been key to RAaW's mission statement and it continues to pride itself on producing current and vibrant film and theatre and comprehensive yet affordable training bringing out individual creativity. This is supported by RAaW Management - RAaW’s acting agency - led my Kandice Morris, who has, for over 10 years, nurtured young people in readiness for the industry. Together Robbi and Kandice also produce topical, thought provoking and confronting pieces of work with a humanitarian bias.

RAaW London’s award winning film and theatre company, produce a range of genre's including thrillers, urban, realistic, issue led and more. Since it's inception, RAaW have produced over 50 short films, 6 features, 3 full length musicals, 6 straight plays and many show reels, music videos and documentaries. Key to the success of these projects are Robbi Stevens, Erim Metto and Victoria Howell. Robbi is a playwright, screenwriter, producer, director, acting coach and humanitarian. Erim is not only a film maker, but has dedicated much of his life to the development of ideas and initiatives from the UK to India, especially supporting the most deprived within our community. Victoria has over twelve years’ experience of writing and producing for film, theatre and online projects.
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