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London Theatre review ★★★★★
Cultural Menace There is a thin line between love and hate....
Synopsis An adaptation of Shakespeare's classic Romeo and Juliet set in modern urban London, Cultural Menace is a thought provoking take of the fears embedded in a society built on money and expectation.

On the Sumka Estate, we find the Morte gang, whose hold on the local drugs trade, has been challenged by an informant, leading the police to seizing 27 000 worth of drugs. Gang leader and big time drugs lord Benny is angered by this distraction and takes his revenge. Meanwhile on the estate, Cemal tries to instil his cultural values on his family, but he is living in a world that places too much pressure on his beliefs.

Caught up in this turmoil of hate, revenge and cultural conflict we meet two star-crossed lovers, Cemal's daughter Jeylan and Benny's brother Ronnie. The end seems sealed from the moment they meet in a world where hate prevails and love should stay.
Production Information Running Time: 76 Mins
Production: 2004 (Remastered 2011)
Format: Digi-beta
Audio: Dolby
Language: English
Territories: All
Cast Yasmin Gurreboo
Culver Greenidge
Ossie Hassan
Yao Johnson
Tolga Safer
Alex Splendore
Gemma Cowell
Crew Directors: Erim Metto & Robbi Stevens
Producer: Erim Metto
DOP: Steven Priovolos
Writers: Erim Metto & Robbi Stevens
Prod Designer: Verity Scott
Composer: Stuart Handcock
Editor: Tom Warn
Director Structured around Ronnie and Jeylan, Cultural Menace follows their desire to find love in a hostile world. The film plays on family bonds and expectations, and focuses on the emotion that comes with conflict, love, hate and lust. Our aim in directing the piece was to allow all of us to question our beliefs and perjuries.
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