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Detention Nine students with nothing in common, except each other...
Synopsis 9 teenagers are in Detention for a day in an inner city London secondary school. Not complete strangers to each other they are forced apart by the cliques they are in and their prejudices .... but rules are just begging to be broken and when the over zealous teacher goes too far, they find their way out of the classroom fighting together against the system.

A fast moving story of human compassion, love and forgiveness, which will leave the audience feeling how fun it is to be young and spontaneous!
Production Information Running Time: 70 Mins
Production: 2012
Format: HD
Audio: Dolby
Language: English
Territories: All
Cast Parys Sango-Jordan
Sophia Lewis
Daniella Ceyo
Evlyne Oyedokun
Naomi Fawcett
Georgina Manly
Alex Hayles
Rico Frances
Joseph Shearman
Tom Spendor
Crew Directors: Robbi Stevens and Erim Metto
Producer: Robbi Stevens
DOP: James Martin
Writers: Jafar Iqbal and Robbi Stevens
Editor: Michael Pike
Composers: Barbara Di Biasi and Enrick Adam
Director There are many dark places Detention' visits, uncovering the pressures and difficulties teenagers of today face, however I mostly wanted to make a story of hope and vision, reminding ourselves that the young people of today still believe and long for all the basic 'good' qualities human beings have.
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