This company has it exactly right... Bravo to everyone involved.
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Lockdown A second can change eternity ...
Synopsis Lockdown tells the story of ten young people who, although they do not initially realise it, are permanently linked by their involvement in the death of a young girl. One year later they are brought together by the only person who knows the whole story of what happened on that fateful night. Locked into a deserted building together, they are forced to examine their lives and, finally, face up to the truth about themselves..
Production Information Running Time: 45 Mins
Production: 2004
Format: DigiBeta
Audio: Dolby
Language: English
Territories: All
Cast Marsha Henry
Ashley Artman
Jonnie Gatt
Bonnie Fahey
Amanda Loader
Tabitha Pearson
Rachael Butterworth
Alex Aplerku
Eren Ozkurad
Sam Londt
Ahmani Vidal
Crew Directors: Robbi Stevens and Erim Metto
Producer: Robbi Stevens
DOP: Jane Scanlon
Editor: Rachael Grierson
Composer: Patrick Moore
Production: Designer Luna Raphael
Director A very young cast of up and coming actors, Lockdown is taken from the reality of being a teenager in the sometimes uncompromising London school corridors and walks home after the final bell sounds.
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