This company has it exactly right... Bravo to everyone involved.
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RAaW Theatre
In the beginning RAaW was passionate about staging big productions with an impact and mounted three very different original musicals ranging from the dystopian future to film noir to a simple love story. The recession hit in 2008 and we welcomed the change to straight plays, not only because of the lack of funding, but RAaW's Artistic Director Robbi Stevens was hungry to move in another direction.

Passionate about telling current stories and taking inspiration from the world around us, RAaW were quick to move from musicals to straight plays. Workshopping with actors and writers and working collaboratively with community members and charities, we are committed to developing topical, modern and thought provoking work.

Every story we write about, ranging from human trafficking to problems in the Middle East, to racial and homophobic discrimination, are based on real people in their specific communities. RAaW Theatre also takes pride in creating comedy with sketches ranging from the ridiculous and sublime to household humour.

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