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London Theatre review ★★★★★
180 Time is not a one way street, You can turn it back .... but should you?
Synopsis How many of us have said 'what if...?'

How many times have we fantasised about being able to turn back the clock, unsay what was said, erase our mistakes? 180 examines what might happen if those wishes could actually come true...

Three women, caught in a cycle of destructive, unhealthy behaviour which they realise is damaging those around them, want desperately to change their lives. And, for Becca, Caroline and Deanna it seems that wishing really can make it so they find themselves transported back to the point at which their lives took their current path. They are given that second chance and each grabs it with both hands, but everything is not as it seems and sometimes the grass really isn't greener on the other side....
Cast Danielle Moseley
Thea Beyleveld
Jasmyn Banks
Sophia La Porta
Markaiu Mason
Alan Mandel
Lydia Scott
Ashton Charge
Adam Lee Mroz
Naomi Fawcett
Crew Written by Robbi Stevens and Victoria Howell
Produced and Directed by Robbi Stevens
Music and Sound by Samuel Karl Bond and Alex McCunn
Set Design by Simon Walker
Costume Design by Florence Chow
Lighting Design by Matt Prentice
Lighting Assistant Josh Carr
Production Assistant Glynis Davis
Deanna's Art Work by Thea Beyleveld and Simon Walker
Graphic Designer and Photographer by Daniel D Moses
Hair and Make-up Design by Natalie Dacrie-Henry:
Director & Writers I loved working on 180 as it didn't have an obvious historical or topical backdrop to prop it up, which I always like to work with, so the backdrop became about how we have become in our society today. We have become so fast moving that we spend little time connected and at peace (me included). Most of us have addictive personalities and are trying to prove ourselves in some way or another, consciously or unconsciously. 180 moves as quickly as we live and forces us to look back, reflect and say 'What If?' What if those wishes could actually come true? Alternate realities, but very believable ones ...

- Robbi Stevens: Producer, Director and Conception

180 plays on the deepest emotions of humankind, examining issues of love, loss and desire against a backdrop of contemporary London.
In a truly collaborative process, the original script was adapted and developed by the cast, through rehearsals, to create the production it became.

- Victoria Howell: Writer and Conception
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