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1963 They Had a Dream Can love really conquer all?
Synopsis 1963 - They Had A Dream... is set in London and centres on the love story between Jacob - a young Jamaican immigrant - and Cathy - the white daughter of an East End gangster.

Although they come from two opposing worlds, they realise almost from the moment they first meet that they want to be together. However, their families and friends do not see things their way and they meet disapproval and conflict from both sides.

As Jacob and Cathy's love grows, both sides are forced to re-examine their beliefs, and ultimately make choices that will change all their lives.

Will love conquer all? Or will prejudice and fear destroy their dreams?
Cast Daniel Bailey
Jasmyn Banks
Shaleka Black Heaven
Daniela Caulcrick
Niki Constantinou
Miggy Dato
Lily Drake
Naomi Fawcett
Rico Frances
Parys Jordan Sango
Teresa Joyce
Sherona Knight
Sophia Lewis
Sophia La Porta
Markaiu Mason
Victor Mellors
Kaya Matthews
Danielle Moseley
Ken Nwosu
Zara Odeniyi
Evlyne Oyedokun
Lydia Scott
Joe Shearman
Scott Sur
Nadine Woodley
Crew Producer and Director: Robbi Stevens
Co-Directors: Erim Metto and Nadine Woodley
Writer: Victoria Howell
Co-Writers: Robbi Stevens and Nadine Woodley
Composer: Patrick Moore
Co-Composer: Gizelle Golebiewski
Lyrics: Gizelle Golebiewski and Victoria Howell
Choreographer: Derya Donaldson
Co-choreographers: Nadine Woodley and Sherona Knight
Musical Direction and Vocal Coaching: Ronald Samm and Mark Bobb
Singing Teachers: Gizelle Golebiewski and Victoria Howell
Voice Coach: Victoria Howell
Fight Director: Philip D'Orleans
Costume Designer: Sarah Devi Giubilini
Graphic Designer and Stills Photographer: Daniel Moses
Company Secretary: Glynis Davis
Production Managers: Alexander Marsden-Jones, Lauren Ramdeen and Fiona Symes
Director Though set over 50 years ago, the themes of 1963 They Had A Dream ... are as current today as they were in the 1960's, perhaps even more so.

In 2016, we live in a world polarized by extreme religious beliefs and racial hatred. We see on a daily basis the divisions which are created by people, by the society we live in - divisions based on race, religion, prejudice or ignorance.

This story of forbidden love between two people - something which should be so simple and celebrated - provides a timely reminder that for all our technological and scientific achievements, our outwardly liberal acceptance of human diversity and multiculturalism, at base, as a society, we really have not learned a thing.
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