This company has it exactly right... Bravo to everyone involved.
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Endurance Be the change nobody wants to see in the world.
Synopsis ENDURANCE: Through Their Eyes in an inspirational play revolving around three young adults from different epochs all linked through their struggle in the face of oppression.

Even though two of the stories are based on the history of the slave era where a domestic slave was treated brutally from sunrise to sunset, and a young homosexual who lives in the chemical castrating era where homosexuality is a criminal offence, it does not take much to look around in this day and age to see that people are still suffering for the same reasons. It just looks different.

It is the story of Adam however, who inspired the story of Adam in our play, living in Abu Dis, East Jerusalem, who struggles on a day to day basis like many Palestinians, confined by walls and constant attacks, whom I dedicate our play to.
Cast Maisie Fawcett
Maisie Gee
Flannan Hassett
Louis Kromenhoek
Markaiu Mason
Kaya Matthews
Jade Nesbitt
Miranda Nyumbu
Michael Oba
Liam Perez
Simon Stache
Shenay Stephenson
Joseph Warner
Lauren West
Hannah Jane Yeoman
Crew Producer, Director and Conception: Robbi Stevens
Writer, Conception and Assist-Producer: Georgia Kersh
Composer: Gianluca Cucchiara
Designer: Helen Quinn-Gregson
Lighting Designer: Peter Holland
Assistant Director: Kandice Morris
Voice and Dialect: Salvatore Sorce
Stage Combat: Sam Kahn
Singing Coach: Victoria Howell
Researcher: Erim Metto
Technical Operator: Sam Londt
Lighting Operator: Liam Chaplin
Carpenter: Krystian Zemsta
Scenic Artist: Ilona Kahn
Editor: Peter Somogyi
Graphic Designer for publicity: Luke Rideout
Documentary Producer: Egle Vaitmonaite
Documentary camera man: Fred Louradour
Web Designer: Tom Allen
Social Media Publicist: Ashley Thomas
Production Assistant: Glynis Davis
Photographer: Leanne Dixon
Director & Writers Endurance grew out of the destruction that was happening in Summer of 2014 in Gaza and my ever growing passion for human rights and need to raise awareness around these issues.Theatre and film has a way of making people feel closer to the struggle and heart break that can so easily be overlooked, and getting that message right with the extreme darkness as well as the humour and subtlety has been been my main challenge through out this.

I think we live in a push button society that is dividing communities and preventing us from looking around at what is happening to other humans less fortunate. The opposite is true however about the incredible cast and crew that I have been fortunate to work with, who have cared deeply about the stories and characters in our play, and have gone above and beyond to make everything live with realism and vitality.

- Robbi Stevens: Director, Producer and Conception

Nearly a year before it was staged, when I first met Robbi, we discussed what we wanted to achieve in the play. A story that moved and inspired people.

I have found through the research, writing and work-shopping the story, that at every step it has been an eye opening and emotionally rigorous process. Through lots of research and building upon our own knowledge, we uncovered devastating stories. These stories enormously touched me and highlighted the human strife that is united in oppression. This is something that I hope the audience can take away after watching the play.

- Georgia Kersh: Writer, Assistant Producer and Conception
Composer Gianluca Cucchiara

Working on Endurance has been really inspiring.

The three main characters are narrated in a superb way and everything brings you into the world you are seeing. The team and the actors are true professional creatives and it has be fantastic working with Robbi. She has had a clear idea of the historical and musical element of the show since day 1. Even so, writing the music for three completely different origins, and having it sound and feel like it was one play, was challenging. After working on it for a while, I began to understand that the need for me to create empathy and understanding of the characters and their journeys was the most important thing.
Designers Set Designer: Helen Quinn-Gregson

I am excited to be working with RAaW Film and Theatre for the first time.

I have had great fun working with the director and cast to create this show. It has been a challenge to design a set where all three eras can exist and merge. Endurance has modern, 1950's and 19th century, so I couldn't design a set with any sort of time in it at all, so people come into the space and bring the period into it with props and costume. I was greatly inspired by Adam's story in particular, being blissfully ignorant of what is happening in Palestine.

Lighting Designer: Peter Holland

It has been a great opportunity lighting Endurance. The biggest challenge was creating a way of linking the stories together and separating them, with imagination and light. The texture and color of the three stories was what inspired the design, moving from Palestine, to Britain to the south of America in sometimes 10 seconds ... to say that Endurance is a fast moving play is an understatement, however that also became the beauty of it.
Reviews 'This company has it exactly right; the information is expressed with agonizing humanity'

'This play brings the audience into the heart of the struggle, making them aware of exactly what it is like to be there.'

'It moved many of the audience to tears and the images were unforgettable.'

'This play does, briefly and skilfully, show us what it is to endure oppression and also dramatise the need to fight against it at all times, because it is not going to go away.'

★★★★★ Kate Beswick
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