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Flamingo Blues "Way I remember, it was a Tuesday back in the summer of 1952"
Synopsis Flamingo Blues brings the world of film noir to the stage. Set in Chicago, the play inhabits an era when men were men and women liked them that way.

As Malloy's investigations take him deeper into the underworld, he finds himself being drawn into an increasingly tangled web of deceit and double cross.

And will Malloy discover the truth before he himself becomes one of the victims...
Cast Thomas Aslett
Basil Badi
Daniel Bailey
Jazmyn Banks
Francesca Bradley
Susana Branco
Miggy C Dato
Ivy Corbin
Christopher Davis
Ushila Dosieah
Claudine Gatt
Toby Green
Karina Handem
Sydney Howard
Shelley McDonald
Ghamzeh Mahdizahdeh
Alan Mandel
Lyanne Mansfield
Vito Maraula
Clementine Marlowe-Hunt
Markaiu Mason
Jose Mateus
Kaya Matthews
Nelio Santana
Stephanie Sukar
Natalie Walker
Delissia Webber
Crew Directed and Produced by Robbi Stevens
Conception by Victoria Howell and Robbi Stevens
Written by Victoria Howell
Composed by Patrick Moore
Lyrics by Victoria Howell and Patrick Moore
Choreography by Derya Donaldson
Singing Coaching by Mark Bobb and Ronald Samm
Fight Choreography by Philip D'Orleans
Costume Design by Emma Garofalo
Assistant Costume Design by Sarah Devi Giubilini and Rebecca Rees
Costume Construction by Katrina Anderson, Corinne Darroux, Samantha Harris, Sarah Tapsfield, Samantha Townend and Krystal White.
Hair and Make-up Design by Nadine Woodley
Assistant Hair and Make Up Design by Natalie Dacrie Henry and Leona Wilson
Hair and Make-up Artistry by Elena Diaz, Xanita Jobe, Lenka Krepelkova, Sarah Nuth, Beth Swan and Abigail Thomas
Set Design by Sophia Lovell-Smith
Set Construction by Vidmantas Vaznys
Head of Art Department by Joana Matos
Art Department by Sandra Pinto and Tanisha Price
Assistant Art Department by Hong Guo
Lighting Design by Matt Prentice
Lighting Assistants by Richard Booth and Alex Taylor
Lighting Programming by Tracey Hammill
Follow Spot Operating by George Dives and Laura Wilson
Sound Design by Peter Russell
Sound Operation by Patrick Moore
Production Management by Adam Carree
Stage Management by Katie Double
Production Assistant by Glynis Davis
Documentary by Daniel Moses
Graphic Design by Ivan Maslarov
Still Photography by Daniel Moses and Ahmani Vidal
Director & Writers Flamingo Blues was inspired by a lifetime of watching old movies. Brought up on Bogart and Bacall, Cagney and Edward G Robinson, we found the film noir world of the 1940's and 50's an eternally enticing backdrop against which to create a story.

With characters who are archetypes but never stereotypes, stunning songs and dances, and more than a little noir, Flamingo Blues tells a typically twisty tale of crosses and double crosses, where nothing is ever what it seems and everyone has something to hide...

Flamingo Blues began its life a decade before it became a theatre piece, but it wasn't really born until we decided to adapt it to a musical on the stage.

- Victoria Howell and Robbi Stevens
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