This company has it exactly right... Bravo to everyone involved.
London Theatre review ★★★★★
Requiem For Tomorrow An epic tale of love, courage and sacrifice For Life, For Truth, For Freedom.
Synopsis Set a little way into the future, in 2031, 'Requiem for Tomorrow' takes place in a world where the divide between rich and poor has become insurmountable. While the rich - Gaters - live a privileged existence inside gated communities, the poor - Urbans are left to survive as best they can on the outside. But there are those who are aiming to change this - peacefully if they can, by force if not. Set against this background of social disparity and hardship there is a story of hope with a central hero who is prepared to sacrifice everything for love, truth and freedom.

This is the story of a people's struggle for equality and justice .... and one man's quest for love and redemption.

'Requiem for Tomorrow' is an emotive and poignant vision of a future which, if we are not careful, could become all too real.
Cast Babatunde Aleshe
Alice Allemano
Susanna Branco
Okorie Chukwu
Dora Clouttick
Michele C Dato
Chris Davis
Tommy Edwards
Lauren Franks
Claudine Gatt
Toby Green
Karina Handem
Shazad Iqbal
Shelley Islam
Aisha Kiwanuka
Samuel D Londt
Sean McCaffery
Alan Mandel
Kaya Matthews
Melissa Parke
Catia J Pinto
Stephanie Sukar
Helen Surfleet
Josh Tauben
Paul Teeling
Aisha Uzuner
Delissia Webber
Crew Produced and Directed by Robbi Stevens
Writer: Victoria Howell
Film Director: Erim Metto
Co-Writer: Robbi Stevens
Composer: Patrick Moore
Co-Composer: Ronald Samm
Choreography: Derya Donaldson
Vocal Coach: Ronald Samm
Set Designer: Rebecca Vincent
Costume Designer: Emma Garofalo
Hair and Make-up: Nadine Woodley
Production Manager: Janice Galloway
Production Assistant: Glynis Davis
Director & Writer Requiem For Tomorrow is like no other musical. the story is dark and twisted, but with a core of love and fellowship that inspires hope. The music ranges from requiem masses to rock ballads, latin infused dances to searing discords. The dancing has a primal, fierce vitality - not a jazz hand in sight. And the language ... this in a way was the biggest challenge. To write letters, verbal sparring matches, last words of a man who has infinite linguistic ability.

Our aim throughout was to create something new and distinctive, and I think we achieved that. The inspiration for setting the story around the idea of gated communities and the future came from the BBC drama/documentary series IF, which envisioned what would happen if one street decided to shut themselves off from the outside world. With private companies taking over schools, NHS patients being encouraged to go private for medical treatment, richer communities hiring private security forces instead of relying on police, and the fear of terrorist threats leading to greater security measures, it was only a small step to imagine this taken the the furthest degree - an unbridgeable, unequal division of rich and poor.

Two years ... it seems like a lifetime ... but in a good way. The play has been so much a part of us for so long now it is hard to imagine a time without it. But two years ago, none of what you see here existed. Five of us created it, and this play changed everyone involved, it inspired us, frustrated us, delighted us ...

We hope it does the same for you ....
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